Future proof your fleet

The proAV landscape is changing. 4K production is becoming easier as ultra-high resolution workflow costs fall. Boxer 4K30 keeps you one step ahead of the competition with unrivalled playback capability and opening up the world of 4K to you and to your business.

We understand embracing new technology early is a big decision. Boxer 2K20, 25 and 30 have a 2K to 4K upgrade path that takes the guesswork out of investing. The moment your customers demand 4K, you’ll be ready.

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Getting from A to B

Save space – book a van not an artic. Christie Boxer only weighs 68kg.
Save time –install modules prior to transit.
Save lamp life – use a single 450w lamp for setup.


…and on to C

Boxer’s single-phase power supply opens up more venues to you and your customers. Its compact size allows you to move around a venue with ease; get-ins get easier, getting onto the next job goes faster. Your bottom line looks healthier.

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