Mercury (Hg) lamp performance

The HG lamps in Boxer mean less heat, which means less cooling. Less cooling means less noise. Flicker is also dramatically reduced thanks to Boxer’s mercury lamp setup – and lamp performance status can be real-time reviewed using Boxer’s Near Field Communication (NFC) software.


If a lamp goes, your reputation won’t go with it

The Boxer 4K30’s Multi-lamp modules use six lamps in two, three-lamp, cartridges. So if a lamp fails, illumination will only drop by 5k lumens. And if you’re not using all six lamps, the latest, intelligent, Boxer software automatically swaps illumination for you. Even if you notice, your audience won’t.

Bright ideas in illumination

It’s building these illumination features in that makes Boxer the industry champion.

  • Mercury (Hg) lamps 
  • Native 4K TruLife Resolution
  • Multi-lamp model architecture
  • Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Lamp tracking
  • Ease of transportation and lamp installation

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